Friday, August 31, 2012


Hi Friends!  Welcome to Off the Trodden Trail.  A new blog, a new adventure, a new experience in faith, family and life.  If you're here visiting from Kathleen's Creations, thank you for popping over and for all of your support this last year and a half with that blog.  I am ever grateful for your kind words, advise and love and so happy you bothered to check in at Trodden.  If you're completely new to my blog....welcome, welcome, welcome ~ I'm so glad you're here.

What in the World??

I started to try to explain the name, the whys and the who's and 3 paragraphs in, I decided you probably don't have time to read all that right this instant.  So, there's lots of explanation yet to come in the days ahead.  In a nutshell, I'm hoping to create a daily blog that will be a discussion of faith, a source of humor, a bit of inspiration and maybe even creative motivation for anyone who is interested.  I will probably find myself posing more questions than answers, and I hope that's okay.  I think that's how we as women deal with life -- we chat. 

I find myself at the ripe, kind of old age of 45, closer to God, more connected to my family, creatively content, but still struggling here and there.  In talking to friends, I find many of us are in the same boat.  Whether we are 25, 45 or 65, many of us are still dealing with issues of Faith, insecurities, doubts, daily stress and constant worry.  My prayer is that this blog will be a place for you to connect, to see how others are dealing with their "stuff", to have a laugh, say a prayer, realize that you are not alone.  Because my art is such a major part of my life, I will share that will you as well, but mostly just in photos. 

Our eldest daughter, Kaitlyn, who has for a long time now been a fabulous source of advise and a terrific shoulder to lean on, is going to be acting as my technical advisor, blog designer and all around girl Friday in blogger land.  Kaitlyn is fabulously talented and I can't wait to work with her!

I commit to writing 3-4 times/week.  Check back here for a prayer, an inspiration, a quote or two and hopefully a laugh.  Who knows?  We might even have a give away once in a while.  Please leave a comment...... lots and lots of comments!!  I love hearing from you, I want to know your thoughts and ideas!

Let's chat soon!


PS -- Here's just a glimpse of some artwork, stitcheries and other fun stuff to look for in the coming days.....

Ahhhh, wool....
Fall batiks....
Can you guess what these are?
Something new and different in the way of crochet....sorry for the bad pic!
A little wool and batik combined....
A Fall stitchery, or is it?

And more fabulous wool from The Rug Hooking Store....there's nothing better!