Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Right off the bat, I have to fess up and tell you that today I am hopping on the band trail of one of my favorite writers, Christian bloggers and just all around favorite new person.  Her name is Michelle DeRusha....before you read further, hop over to her website "Graceful" at  We're doing a lot of hopping today, aren't we?

If you did hop over to Graceful, you'll see that there is a fabulous give-away going on today and some terrific information about a new book coming out by another great Christian author, Donna Pyle.  Aren't you glad you listened and hopped over?  You didn't listen?  Come on, move those little fingers of yours, hop over there ---'ll be ever so glad you did.

Anyway! I found Michelle one Saturday morning early this past summer, when I googled "Christian Bloggers".  She came up almost immediately on my list, I checked out her blog, liked her on Face Book and was immediately hooked.  She is also a writer for a newspaper here in Nebraska and has been a huge source of inspiration for me lately.  I've laughed at her posts, cried at her posts and been mostly just very inspired and motivated by her writings.  As you can see (cuz you did hop over there, right?) today's post is about a book by Donna Pyle called The God of all Comfort.  Now, I have not yet read the book, certainly plan to, but like so many things do, it got me to thinking.  We all need a little comfort now and again, don't we?  I, personally, will admit to needing a whole lotta comfort much of the time.  Even when life is "good", it gets stressful, we (I) get frazzled, it seems we can't ever do it all.  We all take comfort in different things.  I find much comfort in my family.  Depending on the situation, I often find myself "needing" to call my eldest who is away at college.  Often I don't even tell her what is going on, I just need to hear her voice, listen to her upbeat and positive attitude and the comfort flows.

I'm not a nighttime person.  I'm every so slightly afraid of the dark (embarrassed to admit) and would sooner be fast asleep than out and about late at night.  I like to be up early, watch the sun come up -- everything seems less scary then.  But at night, my source of comfort comes from my youngest.  We snuggle up together to watch 10 or 15 minutes of a show before she goes to sleep.  Or we read.  Sometimes, we chat.  Often, when she is in school and playing two sports (like now) I just watch her sleep.  Ah....the comfort.  And, very often, it's my two boys, my son and husband, who offer me the comfort.  They have strong arms, strong hugs, I feel protected with them, safe and loved.

These are all good and wonderful things.  But my point really is this -- God is our ultimate source of comfort.  He is there in the worst of life's ugly moments, He is there is the darkest and scariest of nights, His arms are the strongest, with Him, I am always safe and loved....even when I am all alone. 

As for the photos in this post.  This is my latest quilted wallhanging or table topper, a wool applique design by yours truly.  It's of course favorite season, another one of my comforts.  I hate summer, I hate the heat, I hate to sweat and this summer was THE worst in Nebraska.  So, I look to cooler days and pumpkins, crows in the trees and falling leaves.  My very favorite.  This design is available on etsy (finished) and since this is an original design, I've also made the top available in a kit with a full size pattern.

To finding comfort where we can, but especially in HIM.

Until next time,

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