Monday, September 3, 2012

The Long Weekend

It's been a lovely, long weekend.  We've rested and watched movies.  My husband has worked in the yard (a bunch) and I've done lots and lots of stitching and added some items to my etsy shop.  

Victorian inspired earrings (lots of different pairs, colors and sizes)

And, the "Barnyard Animal" rug....

I am thankful for the blessings of a long weekend and an impromptu dinner with some very new friends last night and I got to thinking.  Sometimes we meet a new person and think "Oh, someone just like me!"  Other times we meet someone and think "Heavens, we've got nothing in common."   My husband likes most everyone on first impact.  It takes me a long while to decide.  I used to be that person who mistrusted and disliked most everyone in the beginning.  A dear, old friend used to tease me that she knew we were going to be friends forever because I hated her right off the bat.  She's right -- I did -- how awful is that?  In fact, of my four very closest, closest friends....I did not like a single one of them at first meet.  No particular reason, I just took one look at each of them and decided they were not going to be one of my people

My husband, through action only (probably because he KNOWS he can't tell me anything) has by example shown me the best way to meet someone new is to give them the benefit of the doubt.  He assumes everyone is a good person.  Sometimes, they let you down.  Every once in a while, you find that one person who you really thought was going to be all that and a bag of chips, uh, really isn't....not so much.  But mostly, you find, that by giving someone the benefit of the doubt, you open yourself up to a new perspective, a new idea, a fresh way of looking at things.  And maybe, just maybe by doing this, you find yet another one of your people.

I was thinking about this at dinner last night.  After a wonderful meal, the four adults sat around getting to know each other and listening to the giggles, laughter and chatting of the three "tweens".  We have lots of similarities in our families.  Lots of moves across the country, great and fun things with our kids, sad and scary things with our kids, great pets, sad pet stories, funny house stories, great places we've live and a few not so great places we've lived.  While we sat there laughing and chatting, I was thankful I had opened myself up to these people.  And, I wondered what our lives would be like today if Jesus, like me, mistrusted and disliked everyone he met right off the bat?  He really was the very best example, wasn't He?  He had wonderful, glorious friends and many great times with them.  Some were lovely, fun, happy go-lucky types.  Others were criminals, liars and cheats.....sinners, just like us.  Some were right there with Him through it all, others betrayed Him to His dying day.  Yet, because Jesus opened His heart up to literally EVERYONE, we have the blessing and honor of living the lives we live today, saved and comforted by His word and His love and, to boot, wonderful friends who can call an impromtu dinner on a long weekend and make it such a special occasion.

To the Blessing of Friendships,

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