Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why "Off the Trodden Trail" ?

Pumpkin Hill
design by Bunny Hill Designs ~ Anne Sutton
Stitched by me!
Weeks ago, I promised an explanation for the sudden change in name, focus and design of the blog and my etsy shop.  There really does not seem to be a fluid way to explain going from "Kathleen's Creations" to "Off the Trodden Trail".  I'm sure many are thinking, "What the.....???"
Months and months ago, it came to my heart that I wanted (needed?) to incorporate my Faith into the blog so that the blog could become more what it is, an actual part of me.  Everyday, I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a seamstress, a quilter, a rug hooker, a stitcher.  Some days I play some of these roles better than the others and some days, I just don't do anything very well.  Regardless of the day and whether I scream at my children, praise my husband, hook a rug or bind a quilt, I pray.  Often, I pray A LOT.  More and more, I am finding that the days that begin and end with prayer and have prayer everywhere in between, are the very best days. 
So, it seemed somehow inauthentic of me to write the blog and leave out this most crucial part of my life.  It all runs together.  The hand-crafts I do soften me, they teach me patience and help me to find a beauty in the world that I believe I would not otherwise see.  Just like my children.  Yep!  They are a big lesson in patience and certainly, certainly, they show me a beauty not be be found elsewhere.  My husband plays a big role, sometimes, he is the knitting pattern I just don't understand but often, he is the comfort of a warm quilt on a chilly night. And, I find, God is at the center of it ALL.  Sometimes, I forget to listen for His small, still voice.  Sometimes, I become too wrapped up in life, my family, my money.....I forget HE is there.  Those are invariably bad days.  But as I pull a loop through a rug, chat with a friend or run my kids to and fro, if I keep a constant prayer on my lips, mediate on the good, thank HIM for my oh-so many blessings, then the days begin to soften, the beauty is abundant, I get a hug from a child or even hear that rare, "I love you." 
And life is good.
I finished the quilt at the top over a year ago.  It is one of my favorites, but has never been quilted and bound.  I'm bad like that.  I get the good and fun part of a project done, move on and forget to go back.  I still love to hang this quilt topper in the Fall, and always seem to find a fun new critter or fabric that I had forgotten about.  The pattern is called "Pumpkin Hill" and is by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs (  Ms. Sutton may be one of my all time favorite designers -- I have completed several of her projects and have several more just calling my name! 
By Friday, I should have another of my own designs just about finished....but here is a quick sneak peak:
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