Friday, October 19, 2012

One last Halloween item...

I just had to share this cute, finally finished project.  This adorable stitchery design comes from the last month's "free doodles" by Primitive Handmades Mercantile.  Check them out at: 

They have some really beautiful creations and items for sale.

Each month, they offer a free doodle for a one-time, personal use only kind of thing.  I fell in love with this little kitty, stitched it up, then worked up a crazy patch pillow.   I added some fun
embroidery stitches, put a back on it and there you have it! 

This item is not for sale on's just for me to enjoy, but I wanted to share!

To a lovely, peaceful and relaxing weekend,

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  1. Great job Kathleen!!! Thanks so much for putting a plug in for PHM!!! I'm going to add your pic and link to your blog on the PHM Blog!