Monday, October 1, 2012

Praise & Thanksgiving

I know it's a bit early for Thanksgiving, but there's quite a bit of thankfulness going around our house lately.  That, and the flu bug.  Yup, the nasty flu bug hit us last week, complete with every possible symptom known to man.  The kids had a bit of it and then passed in on to me.  So I, the obsessive-compulsive hand washing lunatic of the earth, ended up with all of the kids' nasty symptoms and a few of my very own.  Lovely.  I was down and out entirely for 2 days, back up and running part time for several more days and we'll just have to see what today lends itself to.  Yesterday, I still felt worn and tired after just a little bit of work. 

So what does all this have to do with Praise and Thanksgiving, you might be asking. came to me about mid-week last week as I was starting to feel semi-human again, that sometimes it takes a really yuck case of the flu-bug (or whatever, you fill in the blank here) to help us realize how good it feels to feel good and how lucky we really do have it.  On Day 3, while feeling just kind of good, I felt like I could climb Mt. Everest, bake a cake and run a marathon.  I couldn't, you see, but it just felt so good to feel good.  I was full of praise. 

By Day 5, I was starting to think I had super human powers just because I could run the vacuum without having to take a nap every time I came to a new room!  More praise and a bit of thanksgiving.
By Day 6, I'd been to 2 soccer games, a volleyball game, dropped off a 25 pound classroom creation at the school, made a table runner, 4 fabric pumpkins, started some Christmas place settings, put up the Halloween decorations, finished a custom rug frame cover

and completed block #1 of this adorable stitchery.

Trust me, there were plenty of naps and rest stops in between, to go along with just a wee bit of whining (okay, maybe a lot of whining) but as I look back to last week, I am amazed at how very much I did get done.  I am filled with gratitude that the Lord gave me the strength to get done what needed doing and so thankful that my sweet husband and children who, if they couldn't do anything else, just rubbed my back and listened to my the sound of my hoarse voice whining away. 
I know I promised Christmas things would be started and some actually are.  I am working on cute little stitcheries and pillows for Christmas and will have some of those finished this week.  I had a custom order for some fabric pumpkins (above) that needed completing and just couldn't resist stitching up that adorable table runner from a free pattern that came to me via email. 
I'm still coughing away but oh my, does it ever feel good to feel good again! 
With much praise and thanksgiving ~


  1. I'm sorry to hear you were down for the count! Various forms has already hit our house too. And some that needed more than over the counter stuff to get through. Hope this week is better and I'm really looking forward to Friday and seeing a bit of you dear friend!!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been sick! I'm sure it was hard to rest with everything you have going on. Lovely table runner!