Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scripture Zentangled (c) Shoes for auction at Concordia Gala
You might check out the new page tabs that Kaitlyn added to the blog this week.  We have some craft fairs coming up here pretty darn quickly.  I need to get busy!  Hope you'll stop in and say hi if you get a chance....we'll have lots of fun holiday items (handcrafted, of course!) as well as a few scarves, maybe some winter wear and lots of accessories. 

This week, I've spent some time catching up.  I've been piecing crazy quilt pillows all week and today is the day I get to do the fun part - the embroidery and adding the embellishments....beading, buttons, couching, you name it.  It's quite a process.....but oh-such fun!  This is the kind of thing that just gets my creative juices flowing - there is no end to the neat stuff one can do with crazy patchwork.  Hope to have some photos for you soon!

I've also been finishing up one last little project for my childrens' school auction and Gala.  I am auctioning off custom Zentangled (c) shoes.  These samples are black Momissimo's from Target, Zentangled with Bible verses in silver pen.  For the winning bidder, I will purchase a pair of TOMS shoes in a color of their choosing and do up a custom pair of shoes with Zentangles (c), scripture, names, birthdays, dates, song lyrics....whatever their heart desires.  These shoes look terribly cute on and are definitely a conversation starter....I hope they are a successful item at the Gala.
Oh!  And as tomorrow is the Eastern Nebraska Fall Hook-in at the YMCA in Valley (hope you'll stop by), I've also been working on custom rug hooking frame covers for a couple of special orders.
These custom orders are for a lovely, extra-large, hand-made frame, but can be made in any size needed.  They are wonderful for protecting hands and arms from those tricky gripper strips and, they provide a bit of protection for the tops of the frames.
This time around, I added a snippet bag to the side of the frame cover, for an easy-peasy place to put wool snippets while hooking.
Custom frame covers are for sale on etsy ( are made of highest quality quiltering cotton and last forever....I've been using the same one for 3 years and it still looks brand new!

The October chill has settled on Eastern Nebraska this morning.  Fall has definitely arrived and it feels wonderful!  Chilly, but wonderful!  The Halloween decorations are out, Fall is here, life is good, God has blessed us!

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  1. Where's your etsy shop? I went to shop today and it's empty! I'll have to hope I can catch you in person ;-)