Monday, December 10, 2012

365 Days of Grateful

I know, it's been a long while since I posted.....October maybe?  Yikes.  The holidays and craft shows, sports, work and has all gotten rather the best of me.  I've been vowing to do what I always wish on others - have a peace-filled holiday season.  I've been failing at this miserably.  Caught up once again in the craziness that the holidays can bring, I've failed to remember what it's all about.  But this morning, during my regular prayer time, I happened to read the Daily Devotional from Southwood Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Southwood happened to post the wrong devotional for the day, but it turned out to be the right devotional for me and just happened to be something I needed to read and seriously consider.

One of my favorite writers, Michelle DeRusha (, "Graceful") was the author of today's incorrectly posted devotional and she spoke again of her gratitude list and of finding gratitude in even the most mundane things in life.  I realized that I start every morning's prayer with "Father, thank you for this day and for all my many blessings..." and then it kind of goes on like a blahbedy, blah, blah list of what I am grateful for this day.  And, when I can't think of anything else, I thank God for my children, husband, family, friends, pets....yada, yada.  Am I truly grateful for these things, each and every day?  Yes, I can say unequivocally, I am eternally grateful for my blanket list of blessings, but there are often other things that come into my day....things that make me pause, things that make me laugh and cry, things that make me go "Whoa, Nellie" -- all things I often forget to be thankful for.  And so, I began to wonder if I could find 365 things, one for each day, for which to be thankful, things that are over and above my regular list.

When I talked to Kaitlyn about this, she informed me that folks everywhere, on Pinterest and Facebook, are making gratitude lists.  I asked her if she felt that me doing this now was just sort of "jumping on the bandwagon."  Kaitlyn paused and said, "Yeah, mom, it kind of is, but it's a good bandwagon to jump on." 

And so I'd like to try to post daily for the next 365 days.  I may only post a quick photo and a word or two, but I will do my very best to post and see if I can find 365 days of gratitude in me.

I am also keeping a written gratitude journal with actual photos in it...
 It certainly will not be updated daily - I'm not even sure I know how to have a photo developed anymore - but I will try to keep this hard copy as up to date as possible.
And, so, just to kick things off, today I am especially grateful for, not just this holiday season, reverent and joyous, hope-filled and abundant, but for my Christmas trees!  Our house is not especially large, but that doesn't stop us from putting up 5 trees.  We have one in each of the kiddos rooms, one in the family room and two more large in the front room and one in the foyer.  Front room Christmas tree is white and silver, with bits of blue and becomes our Snowman tree in January.  Close-up, it looks like this:

 Most of the ornaments on it are store-bought and fragile and as much as I love this tree, I am not devastated if an ornament breaks or gets eaten by the cat.  (Bad kitty!)

Foyer tree is our family tree, with every ornament the kids have ever made, every gifted ornament from friends and family and is our all around memory tree.  When we lose an ornament from this tree, I am heart-broken!  (Again, I say, bad kitty!)

To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, I love Christmas, the whole Christmas season -- especially the trees.
So after the last craft show, I told my family I was done crafting.  No more, I said, I'm sick of it, tired, burned out, I plan to spend my "leisure" time reading and doing crossword puzzles.  They all gave me that look of "yeah, right" and not one of them even bothered the energy it would take to respond.  Kaitlyn's response was just a long pause on the phone that caused me to ask "Can you hear me now?"  Well, my decree to stop crafting lasted about 6 seconds and then I took up a hook, "just to finish a few things."  This weekend, I realized Christmas is just 2 weeks away and there are soooo  many things I need to finish before the big day, as well as a couple of birthday gifts.  Here's a glimpse of what I've been working on....

This fun, sweet cotton yarn in earthy, natural tones is being made into adorable little coasters, pattern from Lion Brand (

I have a couple of scarves going....this one got worked on at Maddie's basketball game on Saturday....she played really well and I decided that crocheting during her game was good luck!

Oh yes, and the rug for my dear customer....almost done!  One little section left to go.

Better make another scarf or two....thought this was just pretty, pretty yarn, wouldn't it look great against a black winter coat?
Wishing you blessings on your day, rest for your weary heart and pocketbook and all the gratitude your heart can hold.
Until next time,

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  1. Ah, a great bandwagon I would say! I laughed when I saw your comment about the rug. "Almost done", for that point in the rug I'd be more like, "ah, another 6 months of work at least"! I love, that background I tell you. Beautiful work. And I'm always so jealous of your knitting and crocheting skills...more gorgeousness! Love your trees too.