Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 18

Today, I am thankful that we live where we live.....not in the heart of the city, but not so far away that we can't run to the grocery store when I realize there is no hamburger for the meatloaf.  And, we can go see a movie that starts in 20 minutes (just as we are about to do!)

But because we kinda/sorta live out in the country, we have all sorts of cool and interesting visitors, in our very own backyard.  Sorry for the poor picture quality.  It was dusk.  Photos were taken through the window and I was trying hard not to alert the dogs to what was going on in their yard!

First, I noticed this little guy.  I think he was trying to eat the crab apples that had fallen off the tree.

Look at this precious baby.

So cute, I can hardly stand it!

There must be lots of fallen crab apples!

I was brave (and quiet) enough to venture out onto the deck, without the babies, or our dogs, noticing.

Oh!  She hears something.

Time to scatter....I think at this point, the dogs have realized something is amiss and have begun to bark.

Momma and daddy maybe, keeping an eye out?

And, they headed off.  I was so happy they came to visit! 
It was a precious little blessing in what was otherwise, just a regular day.
Until next time,

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