Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 20 - Grandpa Ron

Today is Grandpa Ron's birthday.  He is 70-something.  The something doesn't really matter because G Ron is still young and active, vibrant and very much living the good life.  G Ron is my husband's dad and daily, I see so many wonderful attributes in my husband that he very clearly got from his own papa. 
Although G Ron lives far, far away, he and grandma never fail to make the long drive to come visit, see the grandchildren and spend time with their kiddos. 

This past summer, they drove up to see my two youngest perform in Summer Musical Theater.
Since we've always lived out of State and far away from family (sadly), Ryan and Maddie were beyond thrilled to be able to perform for G & G. 

Our lives are blessed daily by Grandpa Ron and I wish him a Happy, Happy Birthday and a year filled with joy and peace! 

Until next time,

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