Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 3 of Grateful

I realize it's only Day 3, but I'm finding it's tough to be mad or grumpy when you are on the look-out for gratitude.  Hmmm...

Day 3 is all about our cat, Bitsy.  Bitsy is actually Maddie's cat.  She was a birthday present two years ago.  She came from the Omaha Humane Society.  After looking at cats in rows and rows of cages, we found Bitsy in the very last cage.  As Maddie stuck her head up close to the cage to get a better look, Bitsy licked Maddie's nose.  That did it....she was the one!

Bitsy had a tough time acclimating to our 3 dogs and she lived in high up places for the first few days.  Now though, she rules the roost!  The two big dogs have come to accept her as their fellow companion, they'll even lay right next to her.  Mia, our little Lhasa/Chihuahua mix still does not favor the cat.   There are occasional skirmishes between the two and I'm never really sure if it's the 8 pound cat or the 12 pound dog that has the leg up in these matches.

Bitsy has just half a tail.  We've no idea what became of the rest of her tail.  She was found outside in January, during one of the coldest winters on record, wandering the streets of inner city Omaha. 
Bitsy will only drink from the water faucet - running water is her favorite!  She'll cuddle, but only on her own terms and she loves, loves to play.  Maddie discovered that Bitsy has mad skill when it comes to jumping and we've spent endless hours entertaining ourselves with just the cat and a bit of yarn.

She is a great companion to me during the day, when I'm home alone.  She'll nap for a while and then climb up on my lap for a pet.  If I'm at the computer and not inclined to pet her at the very moment, Bitsy will hop on the keyboard, demanding attention.  Is she a pain the the tuckus sometimes?  You bet.  But there is nothing like a cat to lighten the load.  One pet and that little purrrrr and I have to tell you, I am all hers. 

Our whole family knows we got the best cat in the world when Maddie picked out Bitsy.  She was meant to be a part of this family.  We are so lucky to have found her.

Until next time,

ps - The yellow "blankie" that Bitsy is laying on?  It's a chicken costume from a Halloween long ago.  Bits claimed it as her own, just like she does most everything else in this house!

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