Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 5 - Construction

My children's school in under Construction.  More specifically, a new gym is being built along with some new classroom space and a newly paved parking lot.  Construction is messy, inconvenient, a pain.  It makes life difficult and dirty.  But, as my husband likes to say about things which are worth having, even when the process is difficult, "It's a good problem to have."  Next year, we won't have to drive across town to take the Junior High Boys to basketball practice at another gym.  Next year, we won't have to borrow space from a church (also on the other side of town) to host the Band and Choir Christmas concert.  Next year, we won't have to host home basketball and volleyball games at other schools.  And, next year, we will all be together in one new, amazing gym. 

So for today, for construction, I am grateful.

Happy Friday!

Until next time,

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