Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm joining bloggers across the country today to pause and remember.
Charlotte Bacon
Daniel Barden
Olivia Engel
Josephine Gay
Ana Marquez-Greene
Dylan Hockley
Madeleine Hsu
Catherine Hubbard
Chase Kowalski
Jesse Lewis
James Mattioli
Grace McDonnell
Emilie Parker
Jack Pinto
Noah Pozner
Caroline Previdi
Jessica Rekos
Avielle Richman
Benjamin Wheeler
Allison N Wyatt
Rachel Davino
Dawn Hochsprung
Nancy Lanza
Anne Marie Murphy
Lauren Rousseau
Mary Sherlach
Victoria Soto 

 Please join me in taking some extra time to ponder the small ways we can each bring more peace into the world, during such a sorrowful time.  We hold our children's hands for awhile, but their hearts forever.
Father, I pray that your everlasting light shine in the hearts and lives of the families who have lost precious children, mothers, wives, sisters and dear ones.  Shine your light in our world, though at times we cannot see through the darkness, we know You are with us.  Hold these precious souls close to you as  you welcome them into Your kingdom where they will live eternally with peace and love.  Hold their families in the palm of Your hand and bring them comfort and peace in their time of mourning.

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