Monday, January 7, 2013

Catching Up ~ on Gratitude

Oh goodness, I've been delinquent in my posts.  I've gone 2 days with no Gratitude posting and still have today's post to think about.  I almost wish I could blame the Power Company again, but really, it would not be worth it to be without power for even an hour!  I am still trying to get over 2+ days with no power!  I'll admit, I'm a pansy.

Anyway, lack of posting does not constitute lack of gratitude.  I promise. 

Day 25 - Help
On Saturday I was over the top grateful for the help I had from my children (which now includes 1 new Foreign Exchange student...more on him later) and my dear husband. 

Saturday was our "take down the Christmas decorations and put up the snowmen decorations" day.  This is probably my family's least favorite day of the year.  It's such work! 

We take down 5 Christmas trees, but leave 1 tree up, through January.  This tree becomes our Snowman Tree.  
So then, all the ornaments that are either snowman or snow related have to get transferred to this tree and anything not related, gets packed away. 
This year, we also left up the Christmas Village,

which is not really so much a Christmas Village

as a winter village

and I thought it would be fun to enjoy it for another month. 

Plus, I love the lights.....that's just how I roll.  :)

Other little cute, wintry things also get left up, like birdhouses...
And little mice with scarves.

Oh, and I can't forget my snowman tree skirt (please ignore ALL of the dog and cat hair!)

Day 26 - Downtime

On Sunday, I was just grateful for a little downtime.  There wasn't much, mind you, but it was nice to relax after church, make a made to order lunch for everyone and even take a tiny nap.  I did a little needlepoint
Needlepoint pillow for Maddie's room

and ran one child to soccer practice.  My better half had the job of running another child to an audition, coaching a basketball game and grilling steak.  I feel just a tiny bit guilty that I had more downtime than he did, but still, I'm grateful.

Day 27 - A finished project

Today, I'm grateful that I am finished with two, custom-ordered dolls.  The first was to be done with blue eyes and in a Western Style....
while the other was to in some way reference quilting, so in addition to her quilted, wool jacket....

She also has her very own quilt.

The dolls are for two sisters....
And while I don't suppose they'll live together, I think they actually look pretty cute together.

So, next in line (besides more gratitude for an extremely blessed life) is finishing up the doggie needlepoint and a baby quilt for a dear friend's new "grand".  Lots to do!

Until next time,

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