Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 21 - New Beginnings....

Today,  my cup runs over with gratitude for a list of things too numerous to mention.  To name just a few items on my list: my amazing family, so many dear friends, our pets, our home, our health, food on the table, gainful employment, our Faith, our church, our children's school.  For all these  things and so many, many more I thank God.  In addition, I am thanking Him in advance for joy and peace in the year to come, for any and all prosperity that we might witness and for the grace, mercy and faith to handle that which may not be easy.

Most of all, I am so very grateful that it is a NEW YEAR, and we have another chance to live and love, to laugh and cry, to learn and grow, to be a part of all that is good and right in our world.  We have more opportunities to help those who may need it, whether in body, mind or spirit and we have even greater opportunities to be helped, aided, comforted and one another, but most of all by our loving and gracious Father.

To 2013!

Until next time,

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