Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 22

I finished "Cabin in the Woods".  I actually pulled the very last loop at 9:00 pm on Christmas Day.  I am so happy it is finished, but it was a wonderfully fun project to do!  I spent some time in between Christmas and New Year's binding the rug and it will be shipped off to it's new owners today.  As I was rolling it up and prepping it for shipping, I realized how very grateful I am to be able to work with my  hands.  I suppose if I couldn't work with my hands, I could still read, which I also love.  However, there is just something about being able to make something with my very own hands that brings about a sense of joy and satisfaction the likes of which I cannot describe. 

"Cabins" is only the second rug I have ever given as a gift.  Rug hooking is not exactly difficult, but it is very time consuming and with today's wool and linen prices, it is quite an expensive craft.  I have to wonder if folks who receive a rug as a gift think, "Seriously, she made me a rug?"  I don't know, it is kind of an odd gift.  But it is truly, truly a gift from the heart, that takes lots and lots of time, energy, and creative thought.  Each and every hooked piece lends itself to a certain mood or feeling that seems to prevail while hooking.  "Cabins" reminded me of growing up in Colorado, time spent in the Colorado Rockies and of course, the lovely couple to which I am gifting the rug.
I am already on to the next project.  A horse and dog rug with berries on a vine.  This is a rug for me.  The dog reminded me of Shelby, our 12 year old Golden Retriever.  The rug itself held no other special meaning other than I just loved it.

Last day of Christmas break for the kiddos.  I am sad.  I love Christmas time and I'm disappointed that the holidays flew by so very quickly.  But onward and upward, lots to do and more to be grateful for!

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful! I especially love the background and all those little paisley effects in there!

  2. awesome to see a posting about a project! Great work!