Thursday, May 1, 2014

O Glorious Day!

Despite the fact that I was one week and 2 days late (from Easter Sunday), I managed to finish "O Glorious Day!"

Technology has gotten the best of me this morning, and for some reason (surely NOT user error), BlogSpot won't post several of my better photos.  In fact, the best photo, insists on transposing itself so that the words are backwards.  I've no idea what to do and my IT experts, my children and husband, have better things to do at school and work, and are not home to help me.  The nerve!  This photo will have to do.  Ugh!

Anyway!  This rug was conceived by me and drawn up by a dear friend.  After a series of adorable pencil sketches, we met and decided on key aspects that would go into the rug.  I love the pencil sketches so much, I've kept each one and pinned them just above my computer screen.  It's fun to see the process of the rug, from the very first sketch!

The background of the rug was worked in 4 different tones of Janice's hand-dyed "Khaki Drab" wool and in straight line hooking, which I've never done to this degree.  The bottom of the rug starts with the very darkest value, while at the top of the rug, I've hooked the very lightest value.  Within each segment, I pulled in a bit of the lighter and darker values.  I love the look of the straight line hooking.  It was more challenging than I expected, but I think it gives the rug a rich, unique look.

With about 2" left to hook, I ran out of background.  That was not a glorious day!  Searching my stash, I found a very mottled "Lichen" wool, cut the very lightest part of that piece and hooked it into the rug.  I like the way it looks - it's a happy accident.  Can you see where this little accident occurs?

Also, this week, I worked up 2 needle keepers for a friend.  She gave me dimensions and pocket specifications and I worked up my own pattern.  These were fiddly and took a lot of time but it was kind of a fun challenge.  At first, I was horrified with how they turned out.  As I look at them this morning in the light of day, I am beginning think they are "ok", but still not great.  At least now I sort of, kind of have a pattern and learned much in the making.

Here's the inside, Bentley the cat thinks he needs to be involved in everything I do!

Also this week, I've worked a bit on a crocheted afghan for Stitch & Study, served lunch at the kiddos school, done a bit of needlepoint and a little bit more cross-stitch.  Oh yes, and I worked at my actual, paid job as well! 

We've had cool, cool temps here in Nebraska, cloudy skies and some rain.  The critters were cold too so our youngest kitten took advantage of a huge wool rug to warm up.

Another day of cool temps and clouds today and then warming and sunny come tomorrow and the weekend.  Everything is plush and green and the trees are just spectacular in color.  Blessings have abounded this week, including a scrappy, homemade lunch with a friend and even a little bit of quiet, chatty time with each of my teenagers.  Those downtime moments are few and far between and I plan to enjoy and appreciate each and every one, before the time completely flies.

Wishing you luck with whatever technology you find yourself using today, Spring blessings, pretty things to look at and quiet moments.

Until next time,


  1. Quite lovely, and very antique looking. I also love your needle keepers. You do not ever give yourself enough credit girlfriend! You get an amazing amount of things finished given your busy schedule. Looking forward to a chat soon!

  2. Kathleen, this is art! Beautiful!