Sunday, June 22, 2014

Coming up....

Originally, I had no intention of posting today.  My son is playing Junior League Baseball and prior to rainouts, they had a total of 2 days off in the month of June.  Yes. 2.  Anyway, his team had a tournament this weekend that was suppose to include a minimum of four games.  The tourney began Friday night and by the bottom of the 3rd inning, we were hiding out in the car, worrying about hail damage. That game was postponed until Saturday which ruined my plans for a play date with a dear friend attending a Quilt Expo and the ever-so fabulous "Junk Stock" in Omaha.  Ah IS baseball season, after all.  Both games were played yesterday and a 4th game was suppose to be played today but it has already been cancelled due to incoming storms.  I never do well when plans are changed, I have a hard time switching gears.  But, with all the kids have going on this summer and the crazy weather we have been having, I'm finding myself getting more adept at change-ups.

The great news is that this week I was finally able to replace our camera which was stolen when our car was broken into in March.  I took lots of practice pictures at yesterday's games and decided to download them this morning after discovering we were not going to be traveling to a game today.  At first, I was very intimidated by my new Canon Rebel EOS.  I went straight to my IT department (Maddie) and while I read the manual, she played around with the settings.  Between the two of us, we figured out some great basics and I took several fun pictures at yesterday's baseball game.  Once I downloaded those pics and discovered they actually turned out rather decently, I started snapping photos around the house.  THEN, I decided to share some fun things I have coming up. 

My eldest daughter Kaitlyn and I have decided to re-open our ESTY shop.....TroddenTrail.  Kaitlyn already has several cool and fun things for sale out there and I need to get on the ball.  While I haven't had a chance to work anything up, I have been making plans for a number of neat items that can be purchased for gift-giving or for personal use.  I spent several hours at one of our local quilt shops last week, choosing some delectable fabrics for a couple of simple lap quilts.  I started out wanting something different, contemporary, more on the modern side (which I am NOT - at all).  This fabric is just too fun.

It kind of had me at the little red bird.
And then I noticed the Hummingbird.
I also purchased two new pattern books by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Both books contain ideas for several new twists on old quilt patterns.  Couldn't resist and I thought this fun fabric would be just perfect for a funky new lap quilt.

I'm an old fashioned sort of girl though and I can never resist a tone-on-tone fabric.  I spotted the tone-on-tone 1/2 yard cut of this lovely line and just had to have it.
So pretty.

Can I get an "oohhhh"?  How about an "aahhh"?

My lovely quilt shop cashier was telling me how well both of my new quilt books worked with charm packs and a yard of coordinating fabric.  While she was ringing up my original purchases, I raced around the shop finding my favorite charm pack. 
Love, love this line.
Did I mention I love it?  I love fabric with script, stamp or postcard pics and of course bars of music.  How could I possibly go wrong there???
So, in the next few weeks, I hope to be showing works in progress with these great fabrics.  I also have a rainbow baby afghan that will go up for sale on ETSY and maybe even something fun for July 4th.  As usual, so much to do, so little time.
Kaitlyn and I may have a third partner/creator who will be adding to our ETSY inventory.  My dear friend Gail who is crazy creative is working on some lovely items that we hope to be able to add soon!  Between the three of us, TroddenTrail will be a fun place to find great gift items or even something nice for you, just because.  You can check it out now at
Prayers that scary storms stay far way and that you have some time for your creative self.
Until next time,