Monday, August 18, 2014

Back in the Saddle

I'm getting back in the blogger land, that is.  Summer came and went with a flurry of activities that left me exhausted and behind on everything.  With two kiddos in High School but neither one quite to the point of driving, I spent my summer behind the wheel of the mini-van. I had to remind myself many times "this is only a season."   I know one day soon, I won't have kiddos to tote around and I will find myself bored and lonely.  Okay, maybe not bored, but lonely for sure! 

Kathleen Salazar-Salak's photo.Kathleen Salazar-Salak's photo.None of this is to say I didn't get any projects completed over the summer.  I worked on small knitted and crocheted items for a dear friend who is expecting any day now.  Those were fun!  At momma's request, I knitted an apple cap and crocheted a baby cocoon and a puppy hat and diaper cover. It's amazing how quickly those little items can be finished up.  I also finished a small summer-sampler cross-stitch that I get to pick up from the framer's today and began a tiny Halloween necklace cross-stitch. 

I crocheted this afghan for a friend's birthday .
Kathleen Salazar-Salak's photo.

Kathleen Salazar-Salak's photo.
And two of these sweet little jumper dresses for another dear friends darling little girls. 

I also finished a small Owl rug for my front entryway - reveal on that later this week.

But now school is officially back in session and so last week, I spent several hours at The Rug Hooking Store color planning two rug patterns for myself, as well as two wool applique quilts.  These two quilts will be in different color-ways and while one is for me, the other will be gifted to a friend who has her very own classroom and office this year!

Over the summer, a very dear friend celebrated her 80th Birthday.  This is quite a milestone, especially because she doesn't look or act a day over 50!  Wanting to do something really special for this DF, I kidnapped her one morning and we took a drive out to The Rug Hooking Store.  We spent several hours choosing the perfect rug pattern.  Next, we went back to her home in Omaha and took pictures of her family room so that I could color plan a rug that would be the perfect fit.  Sandy wanted a rug for the mantel so it had to be fairly sizable.  Here is the final pattern she chose, a Woolly Fox pattern called "Cape Ann" drawn by Barbara Carroll based on original artwork by Edyth O'Neil. 

Pardon Bentley the Cat, photo-bomber.  He is in LOVE with all things wool and anything that lies on the floor and promptly claims them as his own.

Based on colors from Sandy's living room, Janice helped me with the color planning.
Greens and golds and cocoa are the predominant colors in Sandy's house and we threw in some lovely peachy-reds and mahoganies.

Janice saw a need for a bit of blue-green and some olive for sure.  I'm never sure about greens but these are just lovely as I hook.

The pale peachy-reds are going to be perfect in the flowers.
We chose off-white for the background, to match Sandy's carpet.  These off-whites are named Dusty Peach and have loads of color in them.
Check out this piece of wool.  Delectable, isn't it?  It's called Maple and works so well with the other golds we chose.

So today, I have an entire day ahead of me in which to hook or stitch and this is a rare occurrence, what joy!  So, I am off!  The weather is heating up for the first time all summer; this will be the perfect day to stay in and hook and enjoy the A/C.  Blessings on your day with hopes you find the time to do something that brings you joy.

Until next time,